Ugly Stick

The Ugly Stick was invented by GM Rudy Timmerman, who personally makes them from the finest exotic hardwoods available. After selecting the wood, it is soaked for three months in a special blend of oils GM Timmerman learned about when he was an apprentice woodworker in his dad's workshop back in Holland. It is the same oils his father used to repair antique furniture heirlooms one might find in Museums, and the recipe has been in the family for generations… in fact, the name Timmerman in Dutch means carpenter, or in our family's case Cabinet Maker.

After the wood has been thoroughly soaked, I begin by cutting the unique ends to the sticks that give it the ability to rip and tear flesh. The angles were carefully designed to the best angles to create maximum damage capabilities, and even the thickness of the wood is no accident. With the help of one of my students in the Leo community, we tested several sized rounds and lengths to see what would give us the fastest strike when used in conjunction with a rope on one end. When that was figured out, I began to test various groove depths and widths to see which would cut the best.

In the end, I was not happy with the linear grooves, and I developed a tool to cut spiral grooves. Much like the cutting action of the Guillotine, the spiral grooves were found to be most effective. Naturally, none of the testing could be done on humans, so I cut some Canadian Hard Maple to do the testing on. When struck by my Ugly Sticks, this very hard Canadian Maple suffered major damage. Large chunks and splinters came off the Maple every time it was struck by the Ugly Stick, and I figured if my sticks could take chunks out of Maple it would no doubt do worse on flesh and bone.

The Ugly Stick comes in various sizes, with the "Pocket Stick" at six inches, and we make the "Dan Bong" according to personal preference from twelve to fourteen inches long. Regardless of the size of the Dan Bong chosen, there is no difference in performance. The Pocket Stick can be used as a key holder, and the holes for either a keyring or rope are drilled to accommodate that. Instead of grooves, the Pocket Stick has four brass upholstery nails in the centre, and they are used to "roll" over selected pressure points. Strikes are done much like one would use a knife, and the stick actually cuts just like one.

The Dan Bong also has holes drilled in the ends, but these are used to add a length of Parachute or Sash rope. When rope is added, the weapon takes on a whole different form, and it is now regarded as a "flex" weapon. In Canada, flex weapons are illegal, so we do NOT ship our Sticks with ropes.  Because of their design, our Ugly Sticks can be used as one would normally use a stick or Dan Bong; however, the design actually lends itself to a whole new series of techniques I designed specially for the Ugly Stick. From slashing, to cutting, to the use of pressure points, the Ugly Sticks can be used as a perfect personal protection weapon that you can easily carry without looking like a thug out to hurt people. Yet, in an instant, you can whip it out to protect yourself or your family.

For those who like to use the Sticks in a traditional school setting, I also have a DVD with forms (Hyung) for the Rope Staff and the Dan Bong. It makes an excellent addition for school owners whose students like to compete, and it is also great for demos. The DVD also has a complete set of Ssahng Juhl Bong (Nunchuk or double rope staff) on it; and, as a bonus, it also includes footage for the Riot Stick and the Cane. This DVD is sold separate, as not everyone is interested in more than the personal protection aspects of our Ugly Stick.

For those who wish to present seminars to corporation, other school, or their own students, we have the StickMaster program. This program is designed to earn extra income for serious school owners, and positions for State Reps are available in some areas. Note, I only take on SIX new StickMasters students each year, so I can be sure to offer my very best of service to them. Sorry, a number of high ranking Grandmasters and Masters have already joined the StickMasters program, and they have exclusive right in their State. Why not join us… you will be in good company.  To check out our StickMasters program, click here.

Ugly Sticks are sold in the following combinations:
Pocket Stick $25.00
Dan Bong $50.00
DVD set of two $75.00 (They contain everything you need to learn how to effectively protect yourself)
Package $125.00 (Save $25.00 - Includes Pocket Stick, Dan Bong, and the two DVD set)

Hyung DVD $40.00 (Dan Bong, Cane, Rope Staff forms)



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