The Brotherhood – Part 2 – Interview 3

This interview with Grandmaster Geoff Booth took place at the Korean Martial Arts Festival, hosted by CM Thomas Gordon.  GM Booth speaks on one of THE major events (world-wide) on Korean martial arts… The ITS (International Training Seminars).  This year’s event will take place in Guadalajara, Mexico, and details can be found on our events calendar.

While this chat on the ITS is very interesting by itself, one should not lose sight of the fact that the Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood plays a major part in the event.  KMAB Grandmasters, Chief Masters, and Masters have traveled to Sydney, Australia (2011) and Amsterdam, Netherlands (2013) in previous years, and they are now planning to attend the 2105 event in Mexico to present seminars to all who attend.  Bearing in mind that these GMs all have their own organizations (Farang MuSool, NKMAA, HoshinKido, Moohap Sool, Sin Moo HKD, and the Australian HKD Group ), this kind of cooperation is virtually unheard of.  It is just another indication of the true brotherhood these Grandmasters have.  Moreover, they PROVE this by BEING THERE.

We have all seen or personally experienced how little cooperation there is in individual associations, and some literally have to DRAG their members to events… not so with the KMAB.  For example, you will hear that the Australian HKD group will bring in excess of 50 members to Mexico; and, in the past, NKMAA has brought more than that to support events in Korea.  The Sin Moo group has brought large groups of students to Canada on several occasions, and all of us have traveled to Washington to support CM Ott (Gold Member KMAB) as well as Crestview, FL to support CM Thomas Gordon (Gold Member KMAB).  That is an incredible show of support from OTHER associations for events sanctioned by the Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood.

Some of you might wonder how one can become a member of the KMAB.  Well, the answer is deceptively simple… show up regularly at KMAB sanctioned events sponsored by the KMAB Grandmasters, and we will invite you.  Another way to join the KMAB is to be sponsored by one of the Grandmasters.  The bottom line is this… do NOT join unless you plan to participate.  The KMAB is not a group of paper Tigers… we can be found on the mats around the Globe, and we have no time to waste on keyboard warriors or martial art wannabees.  Having said that, we DO actively look for more people, we just want to share our precious time with like minded people who ALSO want to be on the mats.  If YOU are one who loves to participate in great events, we welcome you with open arms.  Talk to one of the Founding Grandmasters, and ask to be sponsored.  Here are their names (in order of joining)

Grandmaster Michael DeAlba… Original Founder
Grandmaster Rudy W. Timmerman… Original Founder

Grandmaster Serge Baubil… Co-Founder
Grandmaster Jimm McMurray… Co Founder
Grandmaster Geoff Booth… Co Founder
Grandmaster Ken MacKenzie… Co Founder

Grandmaster John Godwin… Member
Grandmaster Kevin Janisse… Member
Grandmaster Juerg Zeigler… Member

Chief Master Thomas Gordon… Gold Seal Member

ALL of us can be found on FaceBook or our individual websites.  We have more members; however, because the MAIN thing we value in our members is participation, and we only give credit to those who are regularly found on the mats with us.

The next KMAB Sanctioned event is the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame, and we urge you to check out the interview with GM Ken MacKenzie (host for 2015) to learn more about that awesome event.  Links to join us at that event can be found on the KMAMhof Facebook page or you can contact me (Rudy W. Timmerman) directly at