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Kuk Sool HKD is one of the arts taught at the KMACollegeWhile our programs are designed to help school owners and more experienced practitioners, ALL of the arts taught at the KMACollege are carefully designed to systematically teach students of ALL ranks to learn their chosen art or component step by step, and NO steps are omitted. Before long, you will have everything you need, from personal protection to keeping you and your family safe, or to add a new and exciting program to your present syllabus. With hard work and dedication, YOU can do it!

Hap Ki Do:
One of the arts taught is Hap Ki Do, and our program offers the standard mix of techniques and weapons most Hap Ki So schools offer; however, our program is designed so it can become part of a carefully designed SYSTEM of Korean martial art techniques that encompass the entire spectrum of Korean martial arts.

Kuk Sool:
Another one of the arts taught is Kuk Sool, and our program offers a syllabus very similar to the one you find in other Kuk Sool schools, however, our syllabus is designed to fit hand in glove with our Hap Ki Do program. As such, interested students can combine the two arts to form an entire Yu Kwan Sool (Hard/Soft) system.

Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do
This is the flagship of the arts taught at the KMACollege, and it contains 270 principles that can be expanded into more than 3600 techniques. It is a true Hard/Soft style (Yu Kwan Sool) art, and if offers all the forms (Hyung) of Kuk Sool, PLUS a full compliment of hard style forms. This combination allows students to excel in whatever suits their bodies best, and they are not confined to one or the other.

We have found that the hard style forms are great for younger students wishing to compete in open tournaments.  Our soft style forms can be very beneficial to older students, because they are designed to maintain flexibility, bone density, and a to give you a myriad of other beneficial health training that promote longevity.

Because Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do is such a comprehensive study of Korean martial arts, it DOES take the average person at least four years (many take longer, and there should never be a hurry) to learn the entire system.  Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do is NOT just an art, it is an entire SYSTEM. While most martial arts stop teaching new material at 5th dahn, the KSHKD system teaches new material all the way up to 8th dahn.  A lifetime of study awaits you, and that can only come from an Instructor who has spent a lifetime in the arts we teach.

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Over time, we plan to add even more complete arts to our programs, and we also plan to add more components to our present offerings as well.  The KMACollege is a “work in progress”, so please check back, enjoy our blog, and join our Facebook group. A convenient link to our Facebook group can be found at the top of our HOME page.