StickMasters Personal Protection

StickMasters is a unique program, designed for school owners who wish to expand their syllabus and add to their market share. The program was designed by Grandmaster Timmerman, and it revolves around the Ugly Stick he personally designed and manufactures. The Ugly Stick comes in various sizes, and the ones we use in levels one and two are the six inch Pocket Stick, and the fourteen inch Short Stick. In the hands of a skilled practitioner, both are devastating weapons for personal protection.



The programs includes all of the material you need, including: the Ugly Stick to go with the program you purchase, the Polo Shirt, the StickMasters lapel pin, the DVDs, and a marketing manual in PDF format that will show you exactly how you can implement a lucrative StickMasters program in YOUR area.

A number of high ranking and well known martial arts Grandmasters and Masters joined our program and became StickMaster State Reps who present seminars to groups such as: Security Companies, Real Estate Companies, and other corporations.

Interested School Owners may apply to represent StickMasters in their area; however, State Rep positions are not available in NJ, NC, PA, FL, IA, MI, AK, and the UK. See our StickMasters Rep Page.

For more information, please check out and "like" our StickMasters Page on Facebook. You are also welcome to join our Facebook group.

StickMaster Modules

Level One $299.00
Level One covers the six inch Pocket Ugly Stick, and it comes with the StickMaster Lapel Pin, the StickMaster Crest, the StickMaster Polo-Shirt, and the StickMasters ID card, PLUS it includes all the necessary video footage you need to teach the Pocket Ugly Stick. This awesome self-protection program contains all you need for your personal protection and bring additional income to your school.

Level Two $399.00
Level two covers all of the above. It also includes the 14 inch Ugly Stick Dan Bong, and all of the video footage on the use of both weapons. As a bonus, and to expand your present curriculum, we will also include video footage on the use of the Cane, the Rope Staff, and several weapons forms students can use in tournaments. This program can be a great source of additional income via seminars you conduct. Other Stickmasters have done it, and you can join our ranks.

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