About Our Services

Our services are designed to assist serious students of Korean martial arts, and it must not be confused with a certificate mill. The programs we offer are all about training; and, while our services CAN provide our students with rank certification, there are no shortcuts. Our programs are primarily designed for students who, for some reason, no longer have access to a competent instructor. Perhaps your Instructor or you had to move in order to keep a job, and we do our best to fill that gap.

With the cost and inconvenience of long distance travel to train with your Instructor, it is entirely possible that you may have to quit. That would be a shame. Most students who might want to take advantage of our programs will have some level of experience, but we ARE capable of teaching Novice students an entire art. It will just take some time.

For example:
To learn the art of Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do could take an average novice about four years from White Belt to Black Belt, but we have found that most will take longer than that. Cost: The time frame should not matter to a serious student. What DOES matter is that our students understand that martial art training with a competent Instructor would cost about $75.00 dollars per month and more. For an art that takes about four years to learn, this represents a total cost of well over $3,500.00 (not including certification costs along the way).

The cost of the online Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do program (White to Black Belt) with the KMACollege is just $400.00. That is a HUGE saving when we compare that to joining a store front school. While we encourage our students in every way we can, long distance training is not for those who have little of no self-discipline; hence, we strongly encourage our students to join with a partner. Choose your partner well, because your success depends on working well together in order to achieve the goals you both have set.  Partner discount available.

We have devided our programs into components as well as entire arts; thus, we can deliver the kind of training you need, and we do this at a price you can afford. Component programs are designed to add some exciting new training to what you already do. That may be a Tae Kwon Do school offering a Hap Ki Do program alongside their main program, it could be a school without weapon training offering their students a new and exciting weapons program, or it could be as simple as a corporation offering a self protection program to their staff.

Whatever your needs are, we offer tailor made programs to new beginners, experienced school owners, Masters, or Corporations. We do it right, and we do it for a fraction of the cost it would take to travel to seminars to learn material you will likely forget by the time you come home. Store: Our services also include a modest store, where you can purchase all of the items you may need to complete one of our programs.

Testing is provided free of charge to all NKMAA members.  Testing can be done in person (at our annual Summer  Camp or by special arrangement), via a Live Skype session, or via clear video footage.  All KSHKD and KSB tests go from White Belt to whatever rank you desire, because we do not want our students to just remember the last few lessons they learned.  When you become a teacher, your first students will likely be White Belts; therefore, you need to be really good at teaching that material.  By requiring you to test from White Belt to whatever rank you request, we make SURE you know everything you will want to teach your White Belts.

NKMAA certification is only issued to members in good standing.  We trust our school owners to uphold NKMAA standards, so we also trust them when they order certification for their students.

Blog and Events Calendar:
The kmacollege is a place where we do our best to shield our friends and customers from Spam, and we will block all attempts to advertise products other than our own. We do not advertise our products on your site, and we expect the same courtesy.

Having said that, we truly wish to serve the Korean martial arts community with FREE services such as our BLOG and our Events Calendar, and we are looking for someone willing donate their time to perhaps do a martial arts book review or any other worth while project.

In our Blog page, celebrated Grandmasters and Masters of Korean martial arts will share ideas, stories, training tips, business tips, and whatever is of interest to the kma community.  If YOU have a good article to share, we may well be interested in publishing your contribution.

Our Events Calendar is a place where you can list YOUR event.  Just send the information to our email address at , and we’ll do our best to list your event.  We look forward to serving your needs, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Rudy W. Timmerman
Founder KMACollege