The products offered by the kmacollege are often unique and can only be ordered from us.  We endeavour to bring only the best products to our customers, and we stand 100% behind everything we sell.  The KMACollege offers Training in a number of Korean martial arts, Component programs such as our StickMasters program.  This program is designed to expand your present curriculum; however, it also offers you the option of presenting your own StickMaster seminars to groups such as: Realtors, Corporations, Other Martial Art Schools, and any other groups interested in personal protection for their members or employees.

Beside training, the KMACollege also offers meaningful Certification for School Owners, Instructors, Black Belts, and under black belt students.  Our certification is not only meaningful, it is exquisite.  You and your students will be proud to display your hard earned Dahn rank certificate or your Instructor certificate, and your under black belt students will love the Dragon and Tiger design of our Geup certificates.

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Beside training and certification, the KMACollege also offers goods such as the unique Ugly Stick.  This is a devastating personal protection device designed and handcrafted by Grandmaster Timmerman himself.  The Ugly Stick comes in a handy pocket size (6 inch), as well as a more robust Dan Bong size (12 - 14 inch).  We even offer the Riot Stick size (3 foot).   If you have never seen the Ugly Stick in action, arrange for one of our certified StickMasters to do a seminar for your group.  I guarantee they will love it, and so will you.  The Ugly Stick is awesome.

Last, but not least, the KMACollege also offer Patches, T-shirts, and a host of services to help you in your efforts to learn Korean martial arts.  Our aim is to serve your needs in a timely and cost effective manner.