Training at home is not for everyone, but not everyone has the option to train at a decent school.  This could be due to location, finances, or simply because your instructor is no longer there for you.  Whatever the reason is… the kmacollege understands that, and we try to fill a gap that has left many good martial artists struggling without a “home”.  Therefore, I recently decided to expand on the Long Distance Training Program I had in place and create the kmacollege.  Our programs supply students with video footage, but we also are right there to guide you along the way with video conferencing and “live chat”.  Our goal is for YOU to succeed, and only of we meet that goal will WE succeed.

I have many wonderful students who live quite far away from me; and, with the cost of travel and the misery of flying these days, we had to find a way to overcome these obstacles.  To that end, I created the LDT (Long Distance Training) program many years ago, and it worked well enough to allow my students to continue to train with me and progress at a fairly normal rate.  We used the DVDs I created, and I checked progress via E-Mails, video footage on YouTube, or via Skype.  To be sure, we had to overcome a lot of obstacles, but we made it work with perseverance and a burning desire to look after my students.  With today’s technology, we can do some wonderful things and continue our training.

I strongly encourage LDT students to train with a partner, as training by yourself does not really work well for most people.  One would have to have above average motivation and work habits to train alone, and even then it is hard to practice techniques without some “hands on” work sessions.  Students of the kmacollege should do their best to attend our Summer Camp for some additional hands on training, as I like my students to “feel” what techniques are all about.  Our Summer Camps are usually held on the first or second weekend in August.