The NKMAA Challenge Course

The NKMAA Challenge Course is a unique  training component for members of National Korean Martial Arts Association.  We pride ourselves on being in the best possible physical condition for our personal protection as well as our health.  Members of NKMAA come together each year from many parts of the world, with one thing in mind… to improve our physical condition and learn more about the Korean martial arts we love.

We begin the Challenge Course at 6:00 am, with a five kilometre run to Lake Huron, where the group enters the water to begin an hour long kicking session in the water.  Then, the group runs back to the Challenge Course to climb our fourteen foot high wall.  As soon as the wall has been scaled, we they use pegs to climb another fourteen foot tower, move on to the chin up bars, the monkey bars, the tire hopping session, the balance beam and tight rope, and finish up with a log carry and mud pit crawl.

In Winter, many of our members participate in the annual Polar Bear swim, where they jump into Lake Huron through a hole cut into the ice.  NKMAA members are a hardy lot, and we pride ourselves on earning rank the old fashioned way… through hard work and dedication.