The Instructors of the KMACollege were carefully chosen, because it is vitally important to us to provide our clients with the best quality in products AND services… that includes picking top Instructors for the various components they may teach.  This means that sometimes the Instructors many NOT have fifty or sixty years of training in, and the reason for that is very simple.  Instructors with many decades of experience in teaching Korean martial arts are naturally older individuals.  They may therefore have a LOT of experience to share with you , but age DOES cause them to have certain limitations.

For example, GM Timmerman is sought after by Grandmasters, Masters, and School Owners the world over for his incredible knowledge about joint locks and the science of martial arts; however, a back injury he suffered in 1983 impacted his ability to do certain things best left to younger people.  While he CAN break five cement blocks with ease, where many younger Masters struggle, his kicking abilities have diminished greatly due to his injury.  GM Timmerman fully recognizes HIS limitations, and in his quest to provide you with the best, he enlisted the help of Instructors who CAN deliver you the best in kicking etc.  The KMACollege is not about personal pride… it is ALL about bringing YOU the best.

Please check the drop down menu to the right, and check out the various Instructors to see just how much we care about our customers.  They ARE among the very best.