As part of our Training Modules, we are proud to offer our Jahp Ki (Grappling) program, as taught by Kong Shin Bup Master Rick Tischer.  The program consists of three modules, and every module is packed with awesome techniques.   These modules come complete with PDF manuals, and hours of excellent video footage.  Because this program comes with a very elaborate Instruction manual, we do not offer additional video conferencing; however, we DO offer Grappling Instructor certification to students who successfully pass the examination at our annual Summer Camp.

Example of Module One content

Straight Arm Bars: Arm Locks, Arm Bar From Mount, Straight Arm Bar From Side Mount, Arm Bar From the Guard, Arm Bar from Knee-On-Stomach Position (NEAR Side), Arm Bar from Knee-On- Stomach Position (FAR Side), Arm Bar From Back Mount (Hooks In)

Bent Arm Locks: Bent Arm Lock From Side Mount (Palm UP), Bent Arm Lock From Side Mount (Palm DOWN), Bent Arm Lock From Mount (Palm UP), Bent Arm Lock From Guard (Palm Away), Bent Arm Lock from Knee on Belly (Palm Away), Bent Arm Lock From Head/Arm Position (Palm UP).

Reversals, Escapes: Bridge Escape From Mount, Hip Escape From Mount, Scissor Sweep From Guard, Push Sweep From Guar, Hip Heist From Guard, Knee Through Escape From Side Mount, Bridge and Roll Escape From Head/Arm Position, Reversal From Back Attack - Choke Attempt, Hip Escape From Opponent on Bottom, In Back Mount, Cross Foot Lock (Opponent Crosses Legs).

Guard Passes: Knee Through Pass, Cross Knee Through Pass, Smash Pass Chokes. 

Rear Naked Choke: From Back Mount, Slide Collar Choke - Back Mount, Arm Triangle From Guard, Triangle Choke From Guard, Sleeve Choke - Mount, Guard or Back Mount, Guillotine Choke - From Guard

Leg Locks: Heel Hook From Open Guard - Opponent is Standing, Knee Bar From Inside of Opponent’s Guard, Foot Lock From Side Mount Drills.

Exercises: Movement, Position Drill, Standing Recovery (From back on floor), Overhead Guard Replacement, Submissions, Sparring.

Module One

Modules 1-2

Modules 1-2-3

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