GM Rudy W. Timmerman

SJN Rudy Timmerman

The Chief Instructor of the KMACollege is its founder, Grandmaster Rudy W. Timmerman. GM Timmerman began his training in 1950, and he is currently a 9th dahn in the art of Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do. He was appointed as the first inheritor of the art of Kong Shin Bup by its founder, the late GM Pak In Shyuk, and he passed the reigns of KSB over to his long time student, GM Kevin Janisse in August of 2014.

GM Timmerman began his training in Holland, at the age of ten.  There, he studied the art of Jiu Jitsu, and he eventually earned his Master’s degree in that art from Nihon Jiu Jitsu.  His promotion to 5th dahn was with the late Shinsaku Hogen, president of the Kokusai Budoin.  After moving to Canada in 1958, GM Timmerman began training in the art of Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do (Kong Shin Bup), under the guidance of the late GM Pak In Shyuk who eventually promoted GM Timmerman to 8th Dahn during a long (several weeks) training session in Edmonton, AB.  He passed the reigns to the art of Kong Shin Bup to GM Timmerman at that same event, because GM Pak wanted to focus on developing the art of Tae Geuk Do he had founded.

Below: GM Timmerman is congratulated by GM Pak after a successful day at a tournament.

congrats from GM Pak after win at tournament

Not wanting to change arts, and in order to learn directly from the founder of Kuk Sool, GM Timmerman joined the World Kuk Sool Association in 1985, and he was granted 4th dahn recognition by the WKSA.  Not one to care about rank or being demoted from 8th dahn to 4th dahn, GM Timmerman set out to learn all he could from GM Suh, and he eventually received promotion to 6th dahn in the art of Kuk Sool from the founder of WKSA, GM Suh In Hyuk.  GM Timmerman was promoted to 9th dahn by the Chairman of the Korea Kido Hae and founder of the WKF, GM Seo In Sun at the World Hap Ki Do Championships is Busan, Korea, and for a considerable time, GM Timmerman served as Director for both organizations.

Below: GM Timmerman and some of his students at the WKSA World Championships.



Above: GM Timemrman receives his 9th dahn in Korea

Below:  GM Timmerman is about to land a hook kick to take the Heavy Weight Title at the NMC tournament.

Competing in the early 70's

Grandmaster Timmerman will personally teach the complete art of Kuk Sool Hap Ki Do to those wishing to enrol in this very comprehensive art, and he is eager to serve your needs. In addition to that, he will also teach several components of KMA, including the ever popular “Soft Breaking” as well as the devastating weapon we call the Ugly Stick.

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National Korean Martial Arts Association:
In 1973, GM Timmerman founded the National Korean Martial Arts Association in order to help fellow KMA practitioners who were left without an Instructor.  This association now has a world-wide following, and it enjoys a great reputation as an association where rank must be earned trough hard work and dedication.  One of the favourite projects with NKMAA members is the annual NKMAA Summer Camp, where students from around the world set up their tents to enjoy the NKMAA Challenge Course and good old fashioned outdoor training.  To learn more about NKMAA, please visit

Below:  NKMAA members at the NKMAA Summer Camp

Korean Martial Arts Brotherhood:
Always looking to see how he can better serve fellow KMA practitioners, GM Timmerman, and his good friend KSN Michael DeAlba, also founded the KMAB.  This is an organization of likeminded Grandmasters and Masters who work together and support one another without the usual politics involved whenever founders of organizations come together.  The idea was first discussed by GM Ian Cyrus many years ago, at a Hall Of Fame in Orlando, Florida; however, it it never got off the ground.  GM Timmerman revived the idea at his 60th anniversary of training event in 2010, where a number of high ranking Grandmasters agreed to join.  To learn more about the KMAB, please visit our Facebook page.

Below: KMAB Grandmasters gather at GM Timmerman’s 60th anniversary of training

Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame:
In 2013, at the ITS event in Amsterdam, GM Timmerman shared the idea of creating a new hall of fame with GM Ken MacKenzie and CM Thomas Gordon.  The idea was to have a true Hall Of Fame, where people could not simply buy their way to glory by purchasing an expensive dinner ticket.  Both like the idea, and in 2014 GM Timmerman hosted the first KMAMhof in Sault Ste Marie, Canada.  The event was a great success, and we are excited to see GM Ken MacKenzie host this year’s event in PA.  The 2016 event will be hosted by CM Thomas Gordon, alongside his ever popular Korean Martial arts Festival.
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Inaugural KMAMhof in Sault Ste Marie, Canada