Training Modules

Martial artists who already have experience can choose from a variety of exciting new programs to add to their present curriculum. This is especially useful for school owners who need to add some pizzaz to their present curriculum. When students get tired of doing the same thing over and over, they are soon gone. By adding one of our component programs, you may just keep them around a little longer.

The best way to begin learning weapons is to enroll in a SAFE program, and the safest (and one of the most effective) weapon is the Short Stick (Dan Bong). Once you are comfortable to manipulate the three levels of the short stick, you can advance to the medium and long staff. From there, you can advance to “Flex” weapons, and we also offer training in bladed weapons.

The reason for this progression is simple. It is MUCH safer to work with wooden weapons, and bladed (sharp) weapons should only be used when you are comfortable and competent with weapons that will not be a danger to you or those around you.

Dan Bong (Short Stick):
Our Dan Bong is not your usual version of a short stick… we exclusively teach the use of the “Ugly Stick” designed and handcrafted by Grandmaster Timmerman himself. The Ugly Stick comes in three lengths: The six inch Mini Stick, the fourteen inch Short Stick, and the three foot Riot Stick. All of the Ugly Sticks are made from exotic hardwoods, soaked in special oils, and hand crafted to the exact shape/size to be most effective.  This program comes with several DVDs packed full of devastating techniques, as well as the six and fourteen inch sticks.  Check out the Ugly Stick page for more info.

Ji Pang Ee (Cane):
The Cane is one of the most useful weapons one can own. Not only does it look entirely harmless, it actually makes thugs a little overconfident. Little do they know how devastating the Cane can be in the hands of a trained student, and our program is packed with some of the best cane defense techniques one can find. The very reason why most Hap Ki Do based programs offer lessons in the Short Stick and Cane is that HKD is designed to be a self-defense oriented art. There can be no doubt that the Short Stick and the Cane are excellent for that purpose.

Joong Bong (Medium Staff):
The middle staff is not intended to be a weapon for personal protection (although it certainly CAN be used for that purpose), as it simply is too cumbersome to carry a five foot stick around. Instead, this is a traditional weapon taught in many schools so their students can compete with the Staff.  You will also learn two sets of staff sparring, as well as techniques, staff spinning, and forms to compete with. It is an ideal addition to any syllabus without weapons.

Gum Sool (Sword Techniques):
We offer a comprehensive program for bladed weapon enthusiasts that include the Dan Gum (Short Sword), as well as the Jang Gum (Long Sword). They are taught in both straight and inverted, as well as double sword versions. Sword training will add a LOT of excitement to your syllabus; however, it should be noted that this is a weapon that, by itself, could be a lifetime of study.