CM Dickson Kunz

Chief Master Dickson Kunz

Despite being interested in martial arts since a very early age, Dickson Kunz didn’t find the right opportunity for a serious involvement until he was a teenager. However, since that time in the early 70’s, he has always maintained a “full-throttle” approach to his training. Always staying loyal to his current instructor, he nonetheless encountered several disciplines due to either a relocation of his instructor or himself. Shito Ryu Karate, Cha Yon Taekwondo, and Northern Shaolin Kungfu are among some of the arts he practiced at length.

Finally introduced to Kuk Sool in 1976, he felt it was the only thing worth pursuing, since most other martial arts at that time were either too limited in their scope, or too secretive about how to apply the true principles for effective execution of the techniques.

Since Kuk Sool was relatively new to the U.S.A. back then, finding an instructor was extremely difficult and he was forced to be content with the beginner’s curriculum he originally learned until 1978, when he became an official member of the World Kuk Sool Association. Continuing non-stop with this premier martial art, he now holds the rank of 7th degree Black Belt with well over 30 years of teaching experience.

Kunz 2 collage

Renowned for numerous accomplishments, some worth mention are:

Vice President of the International Jun Tong Mu Sool Kwan™
Ambassador of the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame
International Demo Team Member
Consummate Seminar Instructor (former appointment as Touring Seminar Instructor for the WKSA)
Certified Defensive Tactics Instructor
Featured in several Martial Art magazine articles
Certified StickMaster, and Rep for Costa Rica and the State of Texas
Featured Presenter (sword) at the 2010 Gathering of Grandmasters in Canada
Featured Demonstrator at the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame 2014

Master Kunz is well-versed in both empty-hand and weapon forms, and is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to joint-locks, pressure points, and Ki training, having been fortunate enough to study under some of the best Masters ever known to teach Kuk Sool.