SJN Timmerman writes the blog

Greetings all, and thanks for taking a peek at our Blog.

Despite getting on in age, it seems that my passion for martial arts continues to be a strong as ever; and, in order to stay active, all I had to do was modify my activities.  Where once I could be found on mats around the globe more often, the hardships of travel have caused me to increase my efforts to reach my many martial arts friends via the internet.

You will find me on this “virtual” mat at least once a month, to share with you my past as well as present martial arts experiences.  With more than sixty-five years of actual training, I should have lots of stories and techniques to share.  I’ll also call on the many friends I have made over those years to join in and share THEIR experiences in my Blog.

The first thing I ask of you is to allow me some leeway, as this IS a new experience for me.  This website, the KMACollege, and Blogging are all new to me; and, given my lack of computer related expertise, this will be a “work in progress” for some time.  Please accept my apologies for my errors during this experimental stage of my venture.

This blog will hopefully be of interest to all martial artists who study Korean styles, as that is really all I can speak to.  My goal is to have a healthy mix of  personal opinions, as well as the sharing of techniques, training tips, and any other contributions that might help you become a more informed martial artist.  I hope to install a calendar, so we can give you some idea on what I will cover at least a few weeks or so ahead of time.   That way, you might be able to plan ahead for future visits.


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