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The KMACollege (Korean Martial Arts College) offers long distance training in complete traditional Korean martial arts such as: Kuk Sool, Hap Ki Do, Tae Kwon Do, Tang Soo Do, and most other Korean martial arts.  In addition, we also offer lessons in modules such as: Grappling (Jahp Ki), Kicking (Johk Sool), Falling (Nak Bup), Self Defense (Hoshin Sool), Breaking (Kyuk Pah), and Korean martial art weapons such as: Short Stick (Dan Bong), Cane (Ji Pang Ee), Sword techniques (Gum Sool), and a myriad of other Korean martial arts aspects.  From White Belt to high ranking Master levels, we have a program to suit the needs of every serious practitioner of Korean martial arts.

The KMACollege is the brainchild of Grandmaster Rudy W. Timmerman, and one of the most sought after Modules we offer is the unique “KI Breaking” techniques GM Timmerman is so well known for. Students learn how to break a stack of two or more cement blocks (without the use of spacers) effortlessly by using this soft breaking method … great for demonstrations.  Check out the video where GM Timmerman (age 72 at the time) breaks five blocks, without the use of spacers, at one of his seminars in the United Kingdom.

The KMACollege is a brand new service, but it is based on a long distance training (LDT) program that Grandmaster Timmerman successfully operated for decades for members of the National Korean Martial Arts Association world-wide. While teaching “open” seminars around the Globe, GM Timmerman saw that there was a real need to offer a similar long distance training program to non NKMAA members, and the KMACollege was born.

Travel is expensive, and very time consuming. This makes long distance training an awesome alternative to continue training if you do not have access to a school or competent Instructor.  Beginners as well as more advanced students who, for whatever reason, are unable to train under a qualified instructor in a regular school, can continue their training online to earn Black Belt or higher ranks. While our main program is designed to learn an entire art, our training Modules are specifically designed to help school owners enrich their current programs to generate additional income.

Qualified students may join our StickMasters Program. This KMACollege Module was specifically designed by GM Timmerman to take qualified Black Belts on the road to teach successful seminars to school owners, corporations, or other groups interested in personal protection.  As you read this, the StickMasters program is successfully used by a number of Grandmasters and Masters who are highly skilled in the use of our unique "Ugly Stick".  The Ugly Stick was invented by GM Timmerman as a convenient tool to enhance personal protection.  Check out the StickMasters Page, here or on Facebook, for more information.  

While teaching Korean martial arts and its components is our main goal, the KMACollege also has a Blog where you can find discussions and training tips on all aspects of Korean martial arts by well known Korean martial artists like Grandmasters Rudy Timmerman and Shelton Moreland.  Check out our Calendar Of Events to find details about upcoming tournaments, seminars, or information on the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall Of Fame.  In other words, the KMACollege is a ONE STOP site about all things Korean martial arts.  Simply look at our convenient “drop down” menu at the top of our site to take you to the right page.

Beginners and more advanced students who, due to time or distance problems, are unable to train in a regular school, can continue their training online to earn Black Belt or higher ranks. While KMACollege Modules are specifically designed to help school owners enrich their current programs, and generate additional income.  Learn a complete art, or part of an art... the KMACollege has a program to suit you.


GM Timmerman breaks five blocks without using spacers

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